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What do Floppy Disks and Keywords have in Common? Your Website Success may hang in the Answer.

I'll cut to to the chase and answer the question then I'll explain.

The thing that Floppy Disks and website keyword have in common is that they both were the standard protocol in the past and they both are useless today.

Separating Multiple Values On a Data Sheet

If your website only allows you to import 1 image at a time and you need to quickly blow out the image column with multiple images then this is a great video for you.

Image Sharing to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Sharing Images is a great way to drive traffic to your site and to get that SEO ball rolling.  This video will outline some of the facts that you should know when it comes to your site and images

Thinking Outside the Box In The Aftermarket Arena

There is a lot of income online, there is also a lot of competition. This video is meant to help you think outside the box and help you to stand out from others.

Optimizing Your Website

Optimizing your website for better search engine traffic is not a quick process but it can bring you a tremendous amount of business.  

Creating Title Lengths On Data Sheets

I have created a video to show how to quickly see the character count on a data sheet for those that want to work with a set character limit or to create better titles and take advantage of all the virtual real estate you have on your website or the market places like Ebay.
I hope this makes life a little easier for some of you out there that work so hard to earn your living and feed your family from the sale of Automotive Aftermarket Products.

Changing a .txt file into a .csv file

Data sheet on the ASAP Network are delivered in a .CSV file so you can load them to your site but that is not how you may be getting other files.  If you get a file with a .txt extension and need to make that a proper file for import then follow these instructions and you'll be all set.

How To Rank In Search Results Using Your Category Tree

I'm sharing this information with everyone.  All the clean data on planet will do you no good if your website is not getting attention from the search engines.  I hope this information helps bring up your site profits.

Trimming Extra Spaces and Merging Columns On Data Sheets

The video below goes over some tips to save you time getting non ASAP data on your site. This video covers how to trim out extra spaces in cells that could cause issues as well as how to merge two or more cells together to get a clean line of content. Hope this saves you time during your day and just remember, we live the same life you live and understand how important TIME is during your day.


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