Dealers Edge

The ASAP Network Manufacturers are committed to helping you sell more products. Let’s talk facts – The internet has opened the door to unlimited potential for today’s businesses.  The problem is that for many of us, it’s not been very easy to get through the door.

You could spend your entire day hunting down manufacturers, trying to get and then makes sense of the data they provide, attempting to get that data on your website and then get any notices about changes about that data that could help you sale their products.

Why is this so hard?  No one knows the issues with getting good data more than the person that has spent just 10 minutes trying to get a part or entire line on their website.  

Most dealers simply don’t have the time or resources to devote to tracking down, cleaning and importing the correct information on their sites.

Data sheets come to you in just about every possible configuration and most have: missing/corrupted/mis-labeled  images, missing weights and dimensions, unclear descriptions of the parts, and the list goes on.

The way information in the aftermarket parts industry is shared was via a method and standards created decades before anyone had ever heard the work “internet”.  The industry has been struggling to keep up with and to create standards for consistency every since. The ASAP Network brings the products to the technology in a way that has never been done before

You have a business to run.  You’re not in the website business, you know aftermarket products, this is what you do.  What you need is someone who understands that if you cant get the proper data/information for a product than you stand little chance of making that sale.

In defense of the manufacturers, it’s been a very difficult transition for most of them to go from paper to virtual space and they’ve been given little if no help in trying to make their products fit a new kind of digital format

As an ASAP Network member you will be accessing fully validated data.  The manufacturers that are part of the network are dedicated to getting you the right information in a uniform structure to help you increase your product line and represent their products with great information and good images for your customers to view.

Membership is FREE for Dealers/Distributors. You will have to be a business, the general public can see where to find the products on the site but are not able to gain access to the data sheets.

As a network member  you will get the latest updates from Network Manufacturers whether it’s new / hot products, new videos or banners to help you sell on your site or updated product information like price changes, additions or discontinued items.

Finding products for your store or site has never been so easy

The network data center is designed with the same feel as an ecommerce site.  Just click get data and you can browse by manufacturer, category or make.

Once you’ve seen what’s available, you simply click a button to request the data.  If you’re not yet a dealer for a manufacturer on the network, no problem.  You can fill out a quick, easy form and get set up to sell their products on your site or store.

Here’s some really cool parts of the ASAP Network

  • One stop – you don’t have to spend time calling to find out who to talk with about getting signed up as a dealer or getting the most up to date product data sheets.  You can free up your day to do what you do best. No more learning each brands system to get the parts and data you need for your site.  You have 1 stop for all your needs.
  • Automatic notifications – Once a new part or product is added to a manufacturers line up, you get an email letting you know and, with one click, you get the updated information.  This includes new promotional banners and videos.  You only get notification from those manufacturers that you’ve previously requested data from so emails will not be flooding your in box.
  • Consistency – Each manufacturer on the Network has had their data scrubbed and organized before it ever went on the site.  This means that you will get good, easy to load products.
  • Have a part or item on your site that needs more beef?  ASAP has your back.  As a member you can find any part number that you may need more details about like a better image, list pricing or dimensions.
  • Target your market – Now you can search with laser sharp precision.  It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for.  Only looking for Mustang parts? Just need a new bumper line?  Maybe winches is what you’re going after.  With the ASAP network you can get the full line from any manufacturer or just the category you want to sell.
  • Link back to your website – The data display area is viewable to the general public.  Since you can’t buy products on the network site, we make it easy for visitors to the site to find dealers that have the parts on or in their store.  As a member, you’re information is provided for those folks looking for the part.  Each display includes “find a dealer” for that part.  This let’s people know where to go to get that item.  Only registered business members will have access to the data downloads.
  • Business Tools / Resources at your fingertips - As an ASAP Network member you get access to Dealer Resources that will help you with areas that are crucial to running a successful online store like: SEO Tips, Social media marketing help, Payment processing and even shipping help.  You have an entire network behind you to help you navigate the online business world.
  • Promotional Media - Get Promotional banners, logo's and images with one click.  Keep your website update without the hassle of searching dozen's or hundreds of manufacturer sites looking for their specials or promo's.

If you don’t have a product, or if the products you have are not accurate then you can’t be expected to offer them to your customers.  Your customers then become your competitors customer.  Keep your customers coming back and give new visitors a reason to come to your store or site to get the best of what you have to offer.