ASAP Network Help Page

The team at the ASAP Network understands the love hate relationship we all have with getting the parts we sell on our websites.  This entire site was created to make this chore less of a headache and one that takes less of your day to accomplish. 

Getting your data load sheets and updating those sheets is really easy on the ASAP Network.  It's so easy that some folks are going through more steps than they need.  So, here are some quick help topics to get you what you need quick and get you back to work.

At any point you need help with information not shown here you can call Amanda at 505-850-7586 or email

Most common questions that members have asked:

Do you have an API? Yes, click here for API Information

I have a Streamline or Rapid Fire site, what do I have to do? - If you have one of our Streamline super sites or a Rapid Fire site then you don't need to do anything about the updates, they will be auto loaded for you.

How do I get my updates - If you've gotten an email that let you know there have been changes to a brands data you simply log into your account (it should land you right on your ACCOUNT page).  There you will find a tab titled "View Approved Requests". You never have to request data after you've been approved so just click that tab, find the brand you want and click the big green link that says "Download Data"

Where did my "previous downloads" go? - The previous downloads will only stay for about a week.  We did this so you don't have the chance to download old, outdated data sheets.

I'm not getting emails for my approved brands or updates- Getting emails to you is set to auto on the site. You should put the domain on your safe senders list and this should help get those emails. The problem is the various spam filters and what they consider spam. Our email notifications have links, this triggers some spam filters.  The other reason I see bounced emails is the email address on your account is wrong, there could be a typo or an extra space.  I encourage your to check the email you used on your account for errors as well as checking your spam or junk file.  If you know your waiting for an approval you can log into your account and view your approved brands.

My shopping cart had different headings on my importer - Yep, every e commerce cart will have different names in the headers on the data sheets but the information in these columns are all asking for the same things just in a different way.  So the biggest hassle you'll have to deal with is what your cart calls the information.  All you need to do is take the headings from our data sheet and change them to what your site wants them to be called. (most carts are very specific so watch your capitalization and don't let any additional spaces at the end or beginning.

I need Help Importing a data sheet on my site - Okay, here are 3 videos to help you bulk upload a brand to your site. Click here to get instructions on importing a data sheet.

Where is MY pricing on the data sheet? - This depends on if you are a direct dealer with the brand or if you buy via a WD like Myer, Trans or Premier for example.  You will always see at least 2 price columns, MAP and Retail.  If you are direct you will see one more column, it will say Tier 1, 2 or 3 for example.  That is YOUR cost.  If you're buying via a WD then you will have to get YOUR cost from that Distributor since they relationship is between your and them.

Do I need to use all the columns on the data sheet? - Nope. There are certain columns that every site will need like the part number, title, description, price, shipping weights and dimensions, images and fitment if there is year, make , model.  This would be the mandatory information.  Brands often have columns on their data that may not be needed by you but may be required by one of their other dealers/distributors, just disregard those columns if you don't need them.  To get rid of those you just click on the column to make sure it highlights that entire column and right click your mouse, drop down to Delete and that column goes away.

Can you get me better pricing with a brand? - Nope, sorry. While it's true that I have conversations with the brands, it is not true that I control their data or their pricing.  If you are looking for top pricing discounts you will need to sell more of that line and become a value to them.  More sales gets you better pricing in most cases.

I've added a video below that walks you through getting the most out of the Network.

If you need additional help or didn't see your question above, use the form below and we will get you taken care of quickly.