Keywords On Your Website

What do Floppy Disks and Keywords have in Common? Your Website Success may hang in the Answer.

I'll cut to to the chase and answer the question then I'll explain.

The thing that Floppy Disks and website keyword have in common is that they both were the standard protocol in the past and they both are useless today.

As you may know, both my companies internet based. ASAP deals with data load sheets and Complete Web builds websites with the data load sheets, so we see the full picture when it comes to the why and how the Search engines decide what content they decide to offer up on the search results.

Once thing for sure, things are always changing. The internet was not even a word in my world for more than half my life.

When working with clients we are in a constant state of checking and double checking to see what the consumer wants and how that works with what the search engines want.

Last year Some Data Company announced they were allowing Brands to add keywords to their data sheets. I wrote in response because I felt that was a blatant abuse of everyone's time and energy. I thought that today I would let you hear it from Google themselves.

Introducing Matt Cutts - the Director of Google Search. I recommend that everyone that is interesting in creating a better site flow and traffic, listen to what he says.

The thing is that we all have more tasks then we do hours in the day and spending time in the wrong areas is just not cool