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Since 2004, DIYAutoTune has been the answer for powerful, affordable engine management solutions!  Our expert team of full time engineers and tech support representatives are ready to make your MegaSquirt, MSPNP, or MS3Pro race project a success!

At DIYAutoTune, we pride ourselves on our ability to get your order out to you complete and quickly!  We work hard to keep all items in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice so you can get on with your project. We know what it’s like having to wait weeks or longer for that critical piece of a project’s puzzle to arrive and we don’t want you to have to go through that – not if we can help it.  Our promise to you is that we will do our best to keep all items in stock, we will be straightforward with you regarding any delays, and we’ll keep the lines of communication open making sure you are not left wondering when your order will arrive.  We will always keep the order pages up to date with information on what we have in stock for immediate shipment. If you see a product in our stock then rest assured it will be shipped to you within 1 business day of your order and payment – and usually the same day.

That’s the DIYAutoTune way and we think you’ll like it.

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