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Say goodbye to the aggravation of a normal truck bed. With CargoGlide, you can stop crawling in the back of your truck or van every time you need to reach your gear. So stop scuffing your knees and hurting your back! Install a CargoGlide in your truck or van and get your gear and materials out where you need them! Loading and unloading your tools, toys or any other materials is considerably faster, safer and easier when you have a CargoGlide.

XL Models Install Video
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877 525-9535
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Bradley Harrell
3884 S. River Rd. Unit E1
St. George, UT 84790
United States

CargoGlide supports our dealers.  To maintain a standard of high quality products we have put into place a MAP pricing and Image policy. 

Please click this link to agree to these terms. Download the CargoGlide Warranty Statement here. Your account will be approved only after the Reseller Agreement has been accepted. Full Catalog Download

Dealer 1 and Dealer 2 pricing include shipping from our location.

*****Please note that CargoGlide has a few parts with alot of fitment and it exceeds Excels capacity.  We recommend you use Open Office when you take this data so you can get a true, full data load.

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Meyer, Keystone, AAM Group, A.R.E.