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NOT RAISE PRICES.That’s why we say no to dealer kickbacks. No to distributor paid sales vacations. No to never ending rebates on obviously inflated prices. Why? Because you are not some stereotype of a lumberjack. You don’t care if we ‘own’ the color blue. Or yellow. Or red. You want a company that focuses only on building the highest quality, most durable, heavy duty parts for your truck at the lowest price possible. 



AIR MANAGEMENT: Air Spring Kits • Air Compressors • Air Tanks • Air Spring Controls

PERFORMANCE: Air Horns • Leveling Kits • Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kits • Spring Kits • Switch Kits

BRAKING: Exhaust Brakes (Light - Med Duty + RV Upgrades) • Engine Brakes 

VALVES: Emergency Air Shut Off Valves (for trucks and equipment working on oil & gas sites)

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Pacbrake Company
1670 Grant Avenue
Blaine, WA 98230
United States

Welcome to the Pack

Deeper discounts are available to those that open accounts and complete a credit application with us. To maintain partner discounts, orders must equal a minimum of $1,000 within 1 year and $5,000 every year thereafter.

Call to speak to our of our aftermarket sales agents: 1-800-663-0096

Marketing Support for Direct Dealers:
How the Pack Hunts Together

BRONZE - upon receipt of first order

  • - FREE Marketing Materials – In-store marketing displays, point of purchase material, and product photos for your website. We want to help you sell!
  • - Website Listing – on our ‘Find a Dealer’ web page; physical location(s) for brick & mortar stores, plus website and logo for online retailers.
  • - Subsidized eCommerce Program – Get selling online for only USD$225/mo, plus USD$1,000 set up fee*. * - 24-month term. Must sell Pacbrake products onlinethroughout term. Package does not include payment gateway selection or fees.

SILVER - upon $1,000 in total cumulative orders in a 12-month period

  • - Shop Truck Program – Purchase one Air Spring kit from Pacbrake at 50% off of price level 8 to be used on a shop truck or an employee’s personal vehicle.
  • - Air Spring Cut-Away Display – our most requested and powerful sales tool that shows off Pacbrake’s superior build quality and durability!

GOLD - for every $5,000 in total cumulative orders within a 12-month period

  • - $200 in Google Text or Display ads (created and managed by Pacbrake) to market Pacbrake products you carry, driving customers to your store and/or website.
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Free prepaid ground freight minimum is orders of eight (8) Pacbrake kits or more.