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Founded in 2018 we started Gatekeeper Offroad after realizing there was room for improvement in the products offered in the off road industry. Being a newer company in the industry we've made it a priority to show that our products meet and exceed customer expectation.

We do this by making quality, reliability, and innovation our number one goal when it comes to designing and building our products right here in the USA.

We are just as committed to providing that same quality in our service to you. We're excited to build many long lasting relationships and continually design and release innovative products for years to come. We gaurantee our craftsmanship and look forward to helping your customers get the products they need when they need them.

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Gatekeeper Off-Road
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Gatekeeper Off-Road
392 W. Larch Road
Suite 19
Tracy, CA 95304
United States

We are taking direct dealers at this time and will update as we partner with various Warehouse Distributors. GateKeeper has MAP.  Please click here to view our Map Policy

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