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When it comes to being in the automotive aftermarket business, I represent the legacy of a third-generation automotive aftermarket industry family. My grandfather, Louis Poncher, was an industry pioneer and an entrepreneur who truly exemplified the spirit of a small business owner. Back in the 1950s, his shop was equivalent to what I would call a performance jobber retail shop of today. The “Original Chrome House” was an accessory store he founded in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles California. After years of running his successful business, he passed away, and my father, Bert Poncher, assumed responsibilities over the shop. Bert was quite young at the time and had to not only deal with the loss of his father but with a major responsibility now in his hands.

 Bert exceeded all expectations and eventually went on to become a widely known manufactures rep extraordinaire in the industry back in the 1980s & 90s. At the time, manufactures reps were considered influential people in the automotive aftermarket business and my dad rose to the top calling on Pep Boys, Grand Auto Supply, CSK Automotive and too many more to mention.

 My father did great selling automotive aftermarket accessories and always had the coolest cars from BMWs to Porsches, you name it, even up Aston Martin 65 DB5, the same car James Bond drove. I was a young man growing up in the San Fernando Valley and being influence by my father’s car obsession totally ruined me, in a good way. I became obsessed with everything automotive as a kid. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to one day go to work for my Dad’s company. When I graduated high school, I took my first job working at a 76 Gas Station doing mechanical work and pumping gas. Later I moved on to a job at Pep Boys and U- Save Auto Parts. I then decided I wanted to follow my father’s lead and at the young age of 21, became a manufactures rep, working with my Dad at one of the biggest rep agencies on the West Coast. From there I discovered my interest in dealing specifically with truck accessory manufactures that we represented; companies such as Deflecta-Shield, Delta Tool Boxes and many others.

 After many years working as a rep myself and learning the business from others, I knew a change had to be made. Fast-forward to 1996, a time when the automotive aftermarket manufactures rep business was completely on its heels. It was then that I decided that it be best to start my own rep agency, exclusively selling aftermarket truck accessory products. I knew that was going to be a popular market, even before most others in the industry recognized it. So I started out on my own, with nothing but the industry knowledge I gained and the relationships I had made. I had no rep lines and no help from my dad anymore. I had to get out there and make it happen…and make it happen I did. I represented companies like Bully Dog, Steel Horse, Nifty products, Deflecta-Shield and Trimax products.

 I had a lot of small lines and it was fun representing other companies at the time. Being as hungry for success as I am, I was doing great building other manufacturers product lines but I felt like I was losing out in the end. I wanted more for myself. So again, I take a leap of faith, and founded ReadyLIFT Suspension Inc in 2005.

 There were several other manufactures at the time they were making leveling kits for trucks but nobody put them all together in a package and marketed a product like we did with ReadyLIFT. The company was a great success and in 10 years did over $100 million in estimated retail sales. I sold ReadyLIFT in 2015 with a plan to retire and play some golf. Well, I guess I wasn’t very good at golf because here I am starting this new company that I’m very excited about. If you’ve ever had the experience of airing up and down your tires yourself, you’ve realized that it’s not a fun nor simple task, no matter where you are and what you’re using. That’s why I formed my new company, Up Down Air Systems Inc. LLC, because airing your tires and maintaining a proper tire pressure is absolutely a pain and there hasn’t been a solution like this, ever. With this product, I’m going to make it fun, easy and a lot less painful for everybody and I’m really excited for you to see what Up Down Air Systems is all about!

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