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Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. has pioneered innovative aqueous and non -aqueous cooling systems for internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel, for over twenty five years.   John W (Jack) Evans and J. Thomas (Tom) Light have worked continuously on the development of cooling system technology design since the 1970's, having worked with some of the biggest auto companies and names in auto racing.

The technology is now widely used in virtually every area of internal combustion engine cooling with systems running in heavy duty diesels, experimental aviation applications, motorcycles, and gasoline engines of essentially every design. Evans Cooling Systems now have 21 issued U.S. patents, over 40 foreign patents and numerous patents pending.

The Evans Cooling technology continues to be utilized in an incredible collection of real world applications - automobiles of virtually every class, motorcycles, heavy duty diesels, generators and marine applications - as well as some of the most advanced engines in the world.

Evans waterless coolants can solve cooling problems, reduce maintenance costs, and can reduce fuel consumption. In addition, Evans coolants can help the environment by reducing emissions and eliminating the need for disposal. Inventing marketable technology continues to be the hallmark of Evans Cooling Systems.

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Evans Cooling
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Andy Barbieri
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