Sun Shade Canopy 9x7 Foot Truck Van Awning Gray Moonshade

Product Description: 

You're Covered, MoonShade is a portable vehicle awning that offers reliable coverage, day or night, to your outdoor site. With a variety of anchoring systems, it sets up easily and attaches to almost any sturdy structure.

Durable Construction- At every turn, we designed MoonShade with you mind, using high-quality lightweight but strong materials for MoonShade fabric, poles, and accessories.

Placing the tension poles above (but not contact with) the fabric, we're able to create a strong self-supporting structure. The slightly-domed shape created by the arc of the tension poles also allows for rain to roll off the sides of MoonShade and evenly disperses light from your lantern clipped to the underside of MoonShade.

In addition to looking great during the day, the reflective coating reflects and blocks the sun's rays, keeping you cooler. At night, it evenly reflects the light from your LED lantern (notcluded). The domed shape of MoonShade keeps more light under MoonShade to illuminate all of your after-dark shenanigans.

Versatile-While many of the awnings and sunshades on the market are designed for only one purpose or space (i.e, the side of a vehicle, the beach, etc.), with MoonShade, we've created a shade solution that is as versatile as your imagination.

Our simple and thoughtful design allows you to attach MoonShade to any kind of vehicle, as well as trees, fences, patios, and anything else you might come up with.
Looking for a sunshade to hook to the fence at your kid's ballgame?

Portable-Because we designed MoonShade to be versatile, we also made it easily portable because we want you to be able to quickly pack it up and comfortably carry it wherever you're going. MoonShade packs up to about the size of a yoga mat carrier and weighs at under 8 pounds. The lightweight carry bag with shoulder strap makes traveling with it a cinch.

  • Looking for an awning to mount to the back of your SUV to tailgate and grill-out comfort before the big game? MoonShade has you covered.
  • Looking for a sunshade to attach to a tree while you're camping? MoonShade has you covered.
  • Looking for the perfect van life awning that you can mount to the side of your vehicle, but quickly pack up to take elsewhere as well? MoonShade has you covered.

Using thecluded carabiners, suction cups, and strut pole, along with fixed mounting points (roof racks, fences), and other accessories you may already have at home (such as hammock straps), the configurations of MoonShade become endless.

With MoonShade, you're covered.

MoonShade provides 9ft by 7ft coverage but packs down tight and weighs only 8 lbs, making breakdown and storage a breeze.

  • 9 x 7 Foot Shade Coverage 28 x 6ch
  • Stowed Size 8 lbs Total Weight
  • Heavy Duty. Not Heavy.
  • MoonShade's efficient design offers durable protection and only weighs 8 pounds.
  • Shade or Shine.
  • Maximum sun protection by day. Reflective illumination by night.
  • Big Coverage. Small Bag.
  • MoonShade covers a 9x7 foot site and packs down to about the size of a yoga mat.
  • Shade Top Materials 420D recycled-yarn ripstop polyester with UV
    Shade Bottom Materials Reflective coating; heavy-duty polyester webbing trim

Find Shade Anywhere

  • MoonShade's versatile design and hardware makes it easy to set up and pack down almost any environment.
  • Mobile Living
  • Camping / Adventuring
  • Hunting / Fishing


  • Grey/Blue Color
  • Durable Contruction
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Packable Design
  • Easy Attachment
  • Simple Setup


  • 13mm aluminum tension poles (2)
  • 19mm telescoping aluminum support poles (2), adjust from 78in to 96in
  • 7ft strut pole (1), for narrow-base mounting
  • Hardwarecluded
  • Stakes (4)
  • Guy lines/tensioners (4)
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • Large suction cup anchors (2)
  • Small suction cup anchors (2)
  • Tall Connect cords for attaching to out of reach anchor points (4)

How Do I attach MoonShade?
Our heavy duty anchor options make MoonShade compatible with almost any vehicle. Use our setup quiz to find out which anchor solution is the right fit.

There are Many things that make MoonShade awesome, but we want to focus on the easily digestible number of Three. The top three things that make MoonShade stand out from other options on the market are its versatility, portability, and design.