Jeep Wrangler 3.5 Inch HD Dual Rate Rear Coil Springs 2018+, JL Clayton Off Road

Clayton Off Road
Coil Springs


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JL 3.5 inch HD Rear Coils. Jeep Wrangler (JL 2018+) HD dual rate rear coils provide the perfect solution for your heavily loaded vehicle without sacrificing ride quality!

Designed for vehicles equipped with approximately 300-400 lbs + of extra weight from heavy gear and accesories. Due to the increasing popularity of Overlanding, we wanted to create a spring capable of standing up to your bed rack, roof top tent, etc. without having to sacrifice height or ride quality!

Note: While these springs are designed to provide the advertised height when used on a heavily loaded vehicle, expect 1/2 inch-1 inch more lift if used on vehicles that fall below the intended weight range for this product.

Made-In-The-USA, zinc plated, and powder coated black for long lasting protecting from the elements.

Coil Springs: Linear rate, dual rate, triple rate, what do you really need? We actually use all 3 variants depending on the vehicle, height and capacity requirements. Linear coils have a single spring rate and are evenly spaced top to bottom which makes for a great spring for most applications. The main advantage being that the coils don incht touch each other, which can lead to wear and tear and coil failure.

The dual rate coil has a tight set of coils usually at the top, and then a second set of coils with more traditional spacing below. Dual rate coils do not ride any better than single rate coils despite popular belief. The first rate is usually completely compressed and acts as a spacer, its purpose is to provide a longer free length coil so at maximum articulation the coil doesn incht unseat.

In most applications, including the front of our JL/JT 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch lift kits the coils do not unseat and there is a top post and bottom bump stop present so coils cannot fall out even at max articulation. But in the rear, there is no coil post or lower internal retainer, and therefore a dual rate coil is necessary, or in the JT inchs case a triple rate coil due to the additional cargo area and weight.

All of our coils are powder coated black using a new SealKor finish which is a zinc rich powder coat to help in the prevention of rust and corrosion.

  • Sold as a pair
  • Dual Rate
  • Spring Rate 1 = 170 lbs/in
  • Spring Rate 2 = 285 lbs/in
  • Free Length Right = 18.50 inch
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Made in the USA