Jeep Gladiator 1.5 Inch Overland Plus Lift Kit 2020+, JT Clayton Off Road

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The Clayton Off Road Jeep Gladiator Lift Kit 1.5 Inch Overland Plus (part number COR-3010015) is a high-quality upgrade for your 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT, offering numerous benefits designed to enhance your vehicle's performance and off-road capabilities.

Improved Ground Clearance: This lift kit provides an additional 1.5 inches of ground clearance, enabling your Jeep Gladiator to navigate challenging terrains with ease. This increased height also offers better protection to the vehicle's underbody components .

Enhanced Comfort: The Giiro Joint bushings in the kit are free pivoting, self-lubricating, and self-centering, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride both on and off the road.

Better Suspension Geometry: The kit features adjustable front and rear track bars, as well as eight adjustable control arms, for optimal suspension geometry. This contributes to improved vehicle control and stability, enhancing the overall driving experience .

Room for Larger Tires: The 1.5-inch lift allows for the fitting of larger tires, which not only improves your vehicle's off-road prowess but also enhances its visual appeal .

Bolt-On Installation: With its bolt-on installation design, this lift kit ensures a straightforward setup process, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle's performance without any hassles .

Durability and Reliability: The kit includes eight fully adjustable control arms and track bars with a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking, assuring you of its durability and reliability .

Same great suspension, now in a 1.5 inch height for customers looking for maximum performance, with a modest tire size.

If you've been searching for the ultimate lift kit for your Jeep Gladiator JT 2020+, then look no further. Our all New JT suspension systems were designed to meet both your demanding off-road AND on-road needs.

Available in both 2.5 inch & 3.5 inch lift variants, all 8 of the adjustable control arms included in our Premium kits feature our dual durometer Giiro Joint bushings and forged Johnny Joint adjusters. These narrow series forged Johnny Joint adjusters feature a greaseable and rebuildable one-piece bushing capable of up to 40 degrees of misalignment.

The Giiro joints are free pivoting, self-lubricating, self-centering, silent in operation and maintenance free bushings that make our kits ride like butter no matter what's underneath your vehicle.

If that all sounds like it's too good to be true, that's because it should be - but the structured anatomy of our Giiro bushings matched with their superior material formulation allows two distant worlds to meet as one, providing you the desirable comfort of a daily driver and then easily transitioning to meet the extreme demands of rugged off-road terrain.

This is a fully adjustable, 100 percent bolt on, maintenance-free suspension system that's truly worthy of your Jeep Gladiator JT build.

Now available specifically for your Diesel Gladiator! Designed utilizing a slightly higher free length, as well as an increased spring rate of 216 lbs/in, these springs are built to handle the extra weight of your diesel engine while offering the same smooth and comfortable driving experience as our non-diesel coils.

This kit will allow for 37 inch tires on a Rubicon and 35 inch tires on a Sport or Sahara model. Both options require proper backspacing to clear.

Product at a glance:

  • Bolt In Design
  • 8 Fully Adjustable Control Arms
  • Forged Johnny Joint Adjusters
  • Maintenance FREE Giiro Joints
  • Dual Durometer, Self Centering Joints
  • Premium Adjustable Front Track Bar
  • Premium Adjustable Rear Track Bar
  • Linear Front Coil Springs
  • Triple Rate Rear Coil Springs
  • Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links
  • Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
  • Stainless Steel Front Brake Line Brackets
  • Extended Stainless Steel Rear Brake Lines
  • Front & Rear Bump Stops