Brake System 11 Inch Rear SS4+ Deep Stage Fire Red Dana 60 8.75 Housing Ends BAER Brakes

Product Packaging: 
Box Dimensions: 
15 × 15 × 15 in
Box Weight: 
48 lb
Product Description: 

This system is designed as a Drag Race only part, and features (4) S4 4-piston caliper mounted to a 11 inch x 1 inch directional (2 piece) slot, drill, zinc plated rotor. This is designed specifically for heavy, fast drag cars that rely on their brake to launch or stage the car. The rear systems are specific to the housing end being used, if you are unsure of what ends you are working with please contact us direct and/or use images below to identify what you have.
Note: Your axle flange will need to be turned down to 5.75 inch for this system to work
These rear systems are designed for racing only. If used on the street (due to brake bias change) be sure to spend some time to make sure adjusted correctly.
Drag Race systems come standard in Clear and Fire Red caliper colors.
Note: This system comes equipped with a high friction pad that is optimized for drag race applications. These pads often produce more dust and noise.
Rotor Size/Type:
11 inch x 1 inch 2-piece directional slot, drill, zinc rotor. Hats are drilled for 5/8 inch studs.
Piston Count:
(4) 4 piston calipers
Pad Type:
Common 4 piston pad shared on the aftermarket (#DR1 or Hawks #HB100)
NOTE: This system comes with high friction pad optimized for drag race applictions.
Minimum Wheel Size:
15 inch
Calipers, 2pc rotors (drilled for 5/8 inch drive pin studs - 11/16 inch Holes), brackets, 10mmx-3an Fittings (does not include hoses)
Designed to be used with Mopar Dana 60 and 8.75 housing ends. Axle flange needs to be 5.75 inch, rotor register is 2.780 inch