2010-2018 Ram 2500/3500 Attitude Front Bumper-W/ Parking Sensors Chassis Unlimited

Product Description: 

Chassis Unlimited's newest premium bumper- the Attitude Series Bumper, giving your truck a facelift of Attitude to set you apart from the crowd. Available for RAM 2500/3500 Trucks Trucks only, the Attitude Series Front and rear bumpers Are state of the art design and fitment.

Attitude bumpers Are designed and manufactured entirely from 3/16 Inch Steel plate in California- and 3 stage powder coated with our high-quality texture black powder.

The Attitude Series Front Bumper is designed around each truck model specifically to contour the front clip like the factory bumper, while allowing heavy duty design and features to be added.

Attitude Series Bumpers Feature room for 12,000 LB Winch with our Recessed Fairlead opening, Center 30 Inch Curved or Straight Dual Row Light Bar, and four recessed 3 Inch Cube lights in the outer wing sections of the bumper.

Additionally, in place of the Center light bar, eight 3 Inch Cube lights maybe used instead, mounting provisions Are available in the bumper for both style lights.

The bumper is a modular 3-piece design where the bumper bolts together using 1/2 Inch Grade 8 Hardware- Allowing us to create an extremely strong product that is fully customizable and replaceable.

The Attitude Bumper looks excellent with or without a Winch installed and is not required for use.

Included Features:

  • Factory Parking sensors work excellent with our bumpers, if your stock bumper has parking sensors
  • With Parking Sensors
  • HD 3-Piece Modular Design
  • Manufactured from 3/16 Inch USA Steel
  • Room for up to a 12,000 LB Winch
  • Recessed Winch fairlead opening
  • Light mounting brackets for 30 Inch curved/straight dual row LED Light bar, or eight 3 Inch LED cube lights
  • Each side of the bumper has mounting brackets in the outer wing for two 3 Inch LED Cube lights (4 total)
  • Includes heavy duty CNC Machined 1 Inch Thick recovery points with a 1 Inch Bore
  • Installation Instructions
  • 3-Stage Texture Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Light mounting brackets for 30 Inch Curved/Straight dual row LED Light bar, or Eight 3 Inch LED Cube lights
  • Each side of the bumper has mounting brackets in the outer wing for two 3 Inch LED Cube lights (4 total)
  • lights and Winch Sold Separatley

Fits RAM 2500/3500 Truck 10-18

  • Made 100 percent in USA
  • Winch mount for up to 12,000 LB Winch
  • Room for 30 Inch Light Bar and 4 Cube lights (not included)
  • Texture black powder coat included