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Nemesis Industries was started in 2008 by a group of commited off road entusiasts who saw an oppertunity to provide customers with products not traditionally seen in the Jeep aftermarket. Our goal was to use new materials along with sheet metal based designs to give a new stylish look to the traditional body armor that has plagued our market for years. Our cutting edge product designs inspire people to challenge themselves and push their vehicles to the limit. A great deal of pride goes into each and every product we manufacture, from the initial concept, to the finished product, our focus is on quality.

Some companies follow trends, others create them, we are the creator.

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Nemesis Industries
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Rob Graft
33990 County Road 27
Kiowa, CO 80117
United States

To speed the approval of your request please review the dealer policy and complete and return the dealer application. Applications can be faxed to 303-953-5212 or emailed to

Nemesis Industries Authorized Dealer Policy and Application

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Limited With Restrictions
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Not subscribed to ASAP Network Member News
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Half freight at $10,000 orders and free freight on all orders over $20,000.