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Interco Tire Corporation offers the most diverse line of specialty built tires on the planet.

In 1968 Interco Tire Corporation introduced the now famous Swamper tire.  The Swamper was the first off-road tire for light trucks (and jeeps) and was the seed that started the off-road tire market.  Interco didn’t just change the game; we started a whole new one.  Since then we've blazed a trail that many others have followed, and few others have even attempted to duplicate to no avail.   The Swamper cleared the way for other beloved light truck off-road tires such as the Super Swamper, Bogger, and IROK. Today, Interco still has its foot on the gas and continues to develop and introduce new and innovative tires to the specialty light truck and off-road tire markets such as the TrXus MT and STS, the M-16, the SNIPER and a list of other designs on the drawing board waiting to be released.

Interco also offers some of the best performing ATV Tires, UTV Tires, Trailer Tires, Farm Implement & Agricultural Tires, and Industrial Tires on the market along with the M&H Racemaster line of Vintage Drag Tires, Muscle Car Race Tires, Vintage Drag Bike Tires and Motocross Tires.

Interco has been and always will be in the pursuit of performance on the road, off the road, in the fields, and on the track. It's our mission to make sure that when you are looking for a specialty tire that will outperform all others in its class, you'll find it with Interco written all over it.

Note to Dealers interested in Selling Interco Product

 Interco Tire Corporation’s products are highly sought after for their legendary quality, performance and brand recognition.  With a tremendously loyal fan base and one of the highest return customer purchase rates in the industry, Interco Products are an inventory addition desired by numerous retailers across the globe. To supply the market demand for our product(s) Interco Tire Corporation utilizes a high volume distributor sales business based model.  To protect our brand(s) integrity Interco Tire Corporation is highly selective in adding companies to the Interco Distributor Network.

Interco Tire Corporation is highly protective of our distributors and as such, we do not actively pursue the solicitation of authorized dealers currently purchasing our product from an existing member of the Interco Distributor Network.  In business this is referred to as “poaching”, and we just do not do it.

We highly suggest someone who only wants to become a reseller of Interco Tire products first contact, and purchase Interco products through, a member of Interco’s Distributor Network.    We are eager to place any potential re-seller in touch with a member of Interco’s Distributor Network upon request.

Interco Tire Corporation seeks to ensure that end consumers wanting our products have every opportunity to locate and purchase them.  That is why we extend the courtesy and opportunity to serious parties interested in becoming an Interco Tire Dealer to do so by submitting an Interco Dealer Application.   To protect our brand(s) integrity Interco Tire Corporation is highly selective in whom we can accept as an Interco Tire Dealer.  We consider serious parties those that are prepared to, and will, stock Interco inventory. A minimum pre-paid* stocking order is required to qualify as a direct purchase order. Other restrictions also apply to being granted and maintaining direct dealer status.  An Interco Dealer Application can be obtained by emailing a request to:  (Please place Dealer Inquiry in the subject line) or calling 800-299-8000 and speaking to a sales representative.  Submission of a Dealer Application does not automatically qualify you to become a direct purchase dealer.  

Interco Off-Road Competition, ATV and M&H Racemaster line of tires are only available through select distributors and are not available for direct purchase from Interco at this time. We are more than happy to work with these current distributor(s) to get you set up to purchase these products through them. 

If you are seeking to become an Interco Distributor, please contact us using the same information noted above and someone will contact you to discuss the possibility.


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Please note: The data sheets for Interco Tire do NOT include your cost.  The price shown will be MSRP and Interco does not have a MAP policy so the MAP column will show up but it will show 0.00.  You can purchase Interco Tire products via the WD of your choice as this product is widely distributed. If you are not a direct dealer of Interco Tire simply let them know who you purchase their product through when you request the data sheets.

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