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Tactical Recovery Equipment is designed to improve safety and performance when off the paved road. We have specifically designed our products to enhance your off road vehicle recovery. TRE was founded by off road enthusiasts who knew there was an easier and safer way to get the job of vehicle recovery done in an efficient amount of time. TRE products are lightweight, easy to use and safer than most recovery products already on the market.

With recovery adapting to modern technology, we made sure to have the best synthetic rope products available. Our Synthetic Winch Ropes have a pulling capacity of one and a half times stronger than cable. Our soft shackles are made out of the same high strength synthetic rope as the winch rope and are considered a high performance replacement for the steel shackles. TRE’s Kinetic Tow Rope has a pulling capacity of 32,000 pounds and provide superior performance, strength and durability compared to conventional Tow Ropes.

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TRE-Tactical Recovery Equipment
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John Grewell
4679 S Valley View Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
United States
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