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Fusion 4x4 is a customer-centric company. It is our strong belief that every build application is unique and that every order should be treated as a custom order, without jacking up the price. By leveraging modern manufacturing and technology, Fusion 4x4 has set out to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach common in the off-road industry. Our number one goal is providing customers the best products for their application, while maximizing performance and minimizing cost.
Axle assemblies, steering, and drivetrain are the core of our business. We strive to design products that push evolution in the industry and focus on adding performance where customers need it, while avoiding expensive proprietary parts that look good in marketing material.

Customer service, product knowledge, and application expertise give us our competitive advantage. We pride ourselves in being experts in the products we sell, and in the wide range of customer applications that exist

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Fusion 4x4 LLC
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Dan Willard
940 Meadow Ridge Dr
Holland, MI 49424
United States
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