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Our Vision
Volant was started with one simple desire; to build a better intake for performance minded Car, Truck, and SUV enthusiasts. Under that principle Volant Performance has continued to evolve since 1998.

The Beginning
Volant entered the intake market in 1998 and immediately began to shake up the largely stagnant category. Introducing world-class new to the market closed-box intakes designs Volant quickly began to garner a huge following by showing the advantages of a closed box, cold air design.

A New Era
With competitors quickly gravitating to the unique designs Volant had brought to market over the previous decade, further innovation was needed. That innovation would come from one of the World’s Foremost Manufacturers of filtration products, Donaldson Filtration Solutions.
Donaldson had long established itself as the pre-eminent filtration provider for Heavy-Duty trucking applications through its revolutionary Powercore® Filtration Technology and had slowly been penetrating the OEMs offering Powercore® technology on vehicles such as: Hummer, Corvette, Powerstroke F-250/F-350 and GM Duramax Diesel Trucks.
In 2007 an agreement between Donaldson and Volant gave Volant exclusivity to Powercore® Filtration technology for the auto-aftermarket arena giving Volant the ability to sell a highly efficient low maintenance dry element air filter that excelled in dirty, dusty, arid environments, making it an ideal fit for Volant’s on and off-road enthusiast based following.

Engineered to Perform from Where the Drive Begins to the Road Ends and Everywhere in Between
Volant is driven to meet the unrelenting standards of the performance minded enthusiast marketplace, designing cutting-edge products for those who use their vehicles to pursue their passions.
Our products are pushed beyond the laboratory and tested in abusive real-world environments to guarantee Volant products will perform in the harshest environments on the planet. From the City Streets to the Desert and Mountains and everywhere in between Volant Performance products are trusted to perform #wheretheroadends.

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scott Noward
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Thank you for your interest in selling Volant Performance Products.  For the past 20+ years Volant Performance has provided Cold Air Intakes, Filters and Accessories to the automotive marketplace through a variety of dealers and distributors throughout the world.  Today Volant Performance's list of distribution partners include: Atech, Turn 14, Meyer, Keystone, Premier, MotorState, Trans American,, Pro Motion Distributing and others.  Many dealers and jobbers nationwide turn to the above mentioned partners for product fulfillment and distribution.  If there are additional distribution partners you would like to see carry Volant Performance products please contact us directly.

Today as you review our product line-up and pricing structure, please note our Jobber Pricing is the price from which the purchase will be discounted.  For specific information regarding your specific pricing please contact one of our growing list of distribution partners or reach out directly by requesting information through the ASAP Data Network.  

In the next several weeks you will be receiving additional information regarding some exciting changes to Volant Performance that are designed to improve both the consumer experience as well as the experience of our dealer and distributor network of partners.  Please stay tuned to the ASAP Data Network for more information regarding exciting changes coming to the Volant Performance Product Line.

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Limited With Restrictions
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Lower 48 States Only
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Exhaust Systems $35.00, Cold Air Intakes $15.00
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