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It's a passion and drive to manufacture affordable high quality products for the Jeep enthusiast. Fishbone employees understand the enthusiast because we are Jeep enthusiasts. The only difference is that we've spent 20+ years of our career working in the offroad aftermarket industry.

Fishbone employees use their Jeeps as daily drivers, hardcore offroad rigs and have gone through the same Jeep build progression that every Jeep owner experiences. Because of these experiences we make sure our products are jig fitted during the manufacturing process because like you, we want the installation to go as easy as possible.

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Fishbone Offroad
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Jamey Paine
550 W Pine Lake Rd
North Lima, OH 44452
United States
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No dropship fee will be applied to orders for Fishbone Offroad products. Fishbone Offroad will only ship on your 3rd party shipping account.
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All orders will be sent freight collect from our warehouse in North Lima, Ohio. Full freight is allowed on orders of $7,500.00 or more to locations within the Contiguous United States. Prepaid freight is to the distributor’s primary warehouse location, additional distribution centers or warehouses are subject to higher prepaid freight amounts due to the size of Fishbone Offroad products.