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Product Description: 

This little light is well suited for under the vehicle or inside. Can be used as a rock light, dome light, accent light, or just about anything. Use it in a trailer for extra loading light. Use it in a truck bed so you can see what you are doing. Use it pretty much anywhere you need some extra lighting. It is 9w of LED power with a flood spread. It draws less than 1 amp meaning you can add it to most existing systems without issue.
White rock light features

  • 9w Cree (3-3w chips)
  • Less than 1 amp draw
  • IP67 rated
  • Use for rock lights, dome lights, or anywhere
  • Aluminum housing
  • PMMA Lens
  • White light
  • 6000K color Temp
  • Sold as each
Lifetime LED Lights

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