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The TrXus STS (Three Stage Sidewall) is a distinctively designed tire that created a whole new level for all-terrain tires. The TrXuS STS is an all-terrain tire designed to give the consumer, who spends a lot of time on the road in their truck, jeep or SUV, a tire that works well on the street and offers good Offroad Tires performance.

The TrXuS STS is an all-terrain tire and although it is not intended to be a substitute for the Super Swamper or Bogger it does excel in snow and sand. The unique tread pattern of the TrXus STS, with its uncanny ability to hook-up in loose dirt has proven to be a beast in truck pulling competitions.
The TrXuS STS all-terrain tire has a distinctive side wall design that compliments the unique tread pattern. Together this package offers on and off road performance thats as good as the tire looks. The Interco TrXuS STS all-terrain tire is available in both a bias and radial versions and is offered in an array of size combinations including those vehicles running large diameter wheels.


  • Tire Size 33x13.5/15LT
  • Tread Width 10
  • Tread Depth 19/32
  • Tread Ply 6
  • Side Wall Ply 4
  • Side Wall lettering BSW
  • Minimum Suggested Rim Width 10
  • Maximum Suggested Rim Width 10
  • O.D. 33
  • Revs/Mile 618
  • Max PSI 30
  • Max Load 2300
  • DOT Approved Yes
  • Aspect Ratio 33
  • C.S. 13.2
  • Tire Type Bias
  • Section Width 13.5
  • Rim Diameter 15
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