Truck Bed Drawer Drawer-Bin Mid-Size EVO and EVOc Applications 5 Foot or 6 Foot Short Bed Left Side Mount SmartCap(TM)

Product Description: 

Smart Components let you organize your truck bed to fit your life. Drop a Camp Kitchen into one Gullwing door for pasta bolognese under El Cap and a Full-Bin in the other to keep your tools organized.

Whatever you're after, build your truck bed exactly how you want it. Get even more organized.

The Drawer-Bin provides multiple drawers and storage bins, so you can safely and securely stow your tools, tackle, guns, or other gear. Best of all, when you're done using it, simply pull it out until you need it again.


  • When closed, the drawers latch in place to ensure they won't open when in transit.
  •  Can be easily installed or removed.
  • So put it in when you need it and pull it out when you don't.
  • Designed with exacting specs, we build all of our Smart Components out of automotive-grade stainless steel.
  • 3 year comprehesive warranty provided on all parts and workmanship
  • Bed Application 5 Foot/6 Foot Short Bed