Super Snatch Strap 3/4 Inch X 20 Foot Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope 19,000 LB Tuff Stuff Overland


The Tuff Stuff Super Snatch Kinetic recovery tow rope is specifically made for vehicle extraction from mud, sand or surfaces which require the recovery vehicle to get a running start. With static straps (no stretch), the recovery point of the stuck vehicle is heavily fatigued by the amount of force applied to its attachment point, which very often causes cracks, bent frames and vehicle misalignment due to the violent force of one vehicle yanking on the other with no give or stretch.

Most tow straps or snatch straps have very little if any stretch to them, which will jerk your neck if yanked hard.

With Tuff Stuff’s Super Snatch rope, kinetic energy is stored, similar to a bungee cord, allowing the rope to slingshot you out of a mud hole, sandpit or clay hole, which takes much less force, power and speed to get the vehicle recovered. Not to mention the tow vehicle will not see a ton of recoil back when the vehicle is yanked out.

The Tuff Stuff Super Snatch rope is also UV & mold resistant, allowing for years of trouble-free use.
The bag is included for storage, so no mud, sand, and dirt gets thrown back into your rig making a mess to clean inside.
Kinetic recovery tow rope Features and Benefits:
3/4 inch Thick 20 ft. Long
19,000 lb WLL (working load limit)
28,500 lb breaking strength
High quality, high capacity, heavy-duty material
30 percent stretch
Reinforced chaif proof end loops with sleeves
Free Zippered handle bag included