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The Interco SS-M16 is a tire for all seasons. Several design features have been taken from our best performing all terrain and mud terrain tires in the creation of the SS-1M16. The SS-M16 is highway friendly and very quiet for a tire that has such good off road performance.

It is an excellent hybrid tire that bridges the gap between the all-terrain and very aggressive off road tires, and has a rugged design that will enhance the appearance of any vehicle.
Interco SS-M16s is radial tire available in a wide array of size/wheel combinations, including several sizes taller sizes for 22 and 24 inch wheels.


  • Tire Size LT295x70RR17
  • Tread Width 10
  • Tread Depth 20/32
  • Tread Ply 10
  • Side Wall Ply 3
  • Side Wall lettering BSW
  • Minimum Suggested Rim Width 7.5
  • Maximum Suggested Rim Width 10
  • O.D. 33.5
  • Revs/Mile 638
  • Max PSI 80
  • Max Load 3195/2910
  • DOT Approved Yes
  • Aspect Ratio LT295
  • C.S. 12
  • Tire Type Radial
  • Section Width 70R
  • Rim Diameter 17
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