SR 8 Inch LED White Light Bar 30W/2600LM Corrosion Proof Clear Coat Marine Sport Lighting

Product Description: 

Looking for increased visibility while docking your boat? Wish your boat's deck was illuminated better at night? Bracket Lighting's marine grade single row LED light bars are the perfect solution for providing a blast of light wear you need it, when you need it.

Marine Sport Lighting's MS-MRSR20 marine grade single row LED light bars feature high power CREE diodes producing 8,560 lumens of output power which means extended family activity time on the water and increased safety docking your boat when the fun is done.

These light bars are equipped with a combination of spot and flood optics which means you get excellent projection distance without forfeiting functional width of the beam pattern.

The MS-MRSR20 is fastened with a rubber grommet and injection sealant to provide IP68 rated defense against water intrusion and environmental attack which means you can land that fish no matter the weather conditions.

We also coated the light bar with a durable powder coat and additional anti-corrosive sealant for extra protection in saltwater environments. Simply put, these lights will have your back wherever adventure takes you.

Bracket Lighting is so convinced that we provide the highest quality marine grade led products around, that we're willing to stand behind our marine single row light bars with a lifetime warranty on the performance of the bars, and a 2-year warranty on the anti-corrosive coating.

Bracket Lighting offers you the highest quality marine grade LED products for your boat. The MS-MRSR20 marine single row LED Light bar is another great example of that cause. Give your boat the Bracket Lighting treatment and we'll see you on the water.


  • 8 Inch LED White Light Bar
  • 30W/2600LM
  • Corrosion Proof Clear Coat
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