Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Stand 23 Degree Head Scorpion Racing Products



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Shaft Mount Rocker Stand - Scorpion Racing Products Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Stand. Scorpion Racing Products Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Stands are machined from 4142 pre-hardened steel.
Shaft mounted rockers have multiple advantages over the stud mount setups.

Since the rockers are mounted on a stationary shaft they do not twist and the trunnion does not move up, or down like when lash is experienced on a stud mounted rocker. Shaft mounted setups eliminate erratic valve opening motions because the trunnion always remains stationary.

Another benefit is that the pushrod and roller tip can be offset to accommodate larger Intake ports. Having all the rockers tied to a single stand that stretches the entire bank will increase torsional rigidity as well.
Don't settle for anything less than Scorpion Quality! Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Stands manufactured by Scorpion Racing Products for American Muscle! Stand for Shaft Mount Rockers 23 Degree Head

  • For Scorpion Racing Products Shaft Mount Rocker Arms
  • 23 Degree Head
  • Made from 4142 machined pre-hardened steel
  • Single piece