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1970 was the year when the world's first 78 series full traction tire was introduced. The original Swamper tire is the most copied and imitated of all RV traction tires ever built. Original Swampers are the standard by which all Offroad Tires specific tires have been judged since their introduction.

Swampers are a special order product only, and are available in the three popular sizes.


  • Tire Size L78- 15LT
  • Tread Width 8.8
  • Tread Depth 19/32
  • Tread Ply 6
  • Side Wall Ply 4
  • Side Wall lettering BSW
  • Minimum Suggested Rim Width 6
  • Maximum Suggested Rim Width 6
  • O.D. 29.5
  • Revs/Mile 705
  • Max PSI 45
  • Max Load 2030
  • DOT Approved Yes
  • Aspect Ratio 29
  • C.S. 9.7
  • Tire Type Bias
  • Section Width 9
  • Rim Diameter 15
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