Nissan R35 GTR 2009-15 42mm Radiator

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The Nissan GTR has an unequalled raceheritage as does C&R Performance race winning radiators. Built to keep theVR38DETT twin-turbo V6 cool . Made in Austraila using race proven 42mm core, this is the highest quality alumium radiator you can use. Most radiator manufactures use off the shelf cores that were designed in the early 80's. But not C&R , as with all applications, street or race, we take the time to design proper core for each application and coupled with using modern CNC manufacturing and skilled professional fabricators and welders gives the customer a real advantage. Being part of the PWR group, we make our own core. This gives us much better control and results. We also design it per application so we are not like any other radiator manufacture.

  • 42mm Race winning core
  • Fabricated tanks
  • CNC filler neck and mounting bosses
  • Accepts factory fans and hoses
  • Installs same as factory. No modifactions required
  • Perfect for dailey drivers, track cars or race only cars such as SCCA, NASA...etc
  • Will handle up to 800 hp.
  • Can use factory or aftermarket antifreeze.