Midnight Series 20 Inch Dual Row Projector Light Bar Combo Beam Vivid Lumen

Durable for off-road use with its polycarbonate lens and featuring high Intensity LEDs, the MIDNIGHT Series is versatile and reliable. This light boasts a pressure equalizing vent and also Features blacked out circuit boards.

Quantity: 1x Light Bar

  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • SIZE: 20 inch
  • Optics: Combo
  • Watts: 120w
  • AMPS: 10 AMPS
  • LUMENS: 12,000
  • HARNESS: Included
  • COVERS: Included
  • CASE Quantity: 6
  • (1) Light Bar
  • (1) Wire Harness
  • (2) Brackets/Cover/Swag

Industry Leading Warranty
Vivid Lumen Industries provides an industry-leading warranty on all products for manufacturing defects or product failure.