LED Light Bar Cover Insert Single Row 50 Inch Flag Series AeroLidz

Product Description: 

Show off how much you love America with this patriotic stars and bars light bar insert!

Let the stars and bars shine day and night when you use our American flag light bar silencer insert on your SUV, UTV, or truck! We make these inserts the same way we make everything: out of the strongest materials and to the most exacting standards.

The red stripes, blue field, and white stars and stripes look incredible during the day and even more spectacular when backlit at night!

  • Dimensions: Available in 50 inch sizes
  • Each can be trimmed in order to fit your specific light bar
  • Material: Poly-Carbonate
  • Bar Type: Single Row Bar
  • Series: Flag
  • These inserts perfectly fit the AeroLidz light bar silencers.
  • Built from high-quality, extra-strong, and UV-resistant polycarbonate.
  • All of our products are sold with a 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • Change out inserts whenever you want. Roll them up and reuse them at a later date.
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