Lava Boot 1 Inch ID X 6 Inch Heatshield Products


Heatshield Products Lava Boot Shields feature a no-fray cuff with a flexible dual wall high-temperature basalt sleeving with a 1,200-degree F working temperature that prevents plug and wire burnout even in the most demanding ambient heat applications. Lava Boot Shields help eliminate misfires caused by plug-wire and spark plug boot heatshield burnout, helping prevent critical engine damage and loss in performance from a cylinder not firing. In addition, Lava Boot Shields protect your wires and boots from being damaged by excessive engine and exhaust heat. The universal design fits most boot sizes and angles, including 90-degree boots. We have standard sizes, which are a great fit for most engine applications, and our 8-inch-long 1.25 inch internal diameter Lava Boot Shields are great for LS engines.

  • Reflects and dissipates heat
  • Expands and stretches over irregular surfaces
  • Soft, very flexible, easy to handle and install
  • For LS spark plug boots remove metal heat shield before installing
  • Wall Thickness Over 0.050 Inch
  • Size: 1 Inch ID x 6 Inch - (2 Pack)
  • Operational Temperature: 1200 Degrees F
  • Peak Temperature (30 seconds or less): 2000 Degrees F
  • Color: Lava
  • Material: Volcanic Rock
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold As A 2 Pack

Installation Tips:

  • Slide on and Product can be used as a radiant heat barrier or placed in direct contact with heat source


  • Always wear safety glasses
  • Dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this product