Jeep TJ Rear Bumper 97-06 Wrangler TJ Bare Steel TSC Excessive Industries

Product Description: 

This bumper and carrier combo can take almost anything you can through at it! We took a different approach to the way the bumper mounts to the frame of your jeep, which is what makes this bumper combo so strong! Instead of mounting to the factory rear cross member which we all know is far to prone to cracking and breaking off the jeep, we mount directly to the side of the frame with 1/2 inch plate using existing factory holes.

This makes for the strongest and most secure bumper and carrier combo on the market! For the pivot side of the carrier, we use a massive spindle designed specifically for our bumper and carrier. Rated at 1,750lbs, it can easily handle a 40 inch spare. For the latch we decided to keep it simple and for once, take a more traditional approach.

We opted to use the classic red handle clamping U-bolt latch. Its simple to use, fully adjustable, easily found should you ever need a replacement and best of all, allows for a rattle free tire carrier! Our carrier also comes standard with a Hi Lift Jack mount that lies horizontal across the top of the carrier.

  • 97-06 Wrangler TJ and Unlimited
  • Includes Bumper and Carrier
  • Standard Hitch not included
  • Recessed lights not included
  • Product Ships Plain Bare Steel