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Jeep JK Trail Oven 07-18 Wrangler JK 3.6L Engine Black Forest

Product Description: 

Our Trail Oven turns you into the most popular spot on the trails. Having fun is hungry work and with our Trail Oven you warm up delicious food to keep you energy up and your spirits high. Bring plenty because when other find out you have hot food on the trail they will come running. Keep the cheese on your favorite burrito nice and gooey while you’re rocking the trails

  • At 288 square inches the trail oven could fit 5 burritos, a full rack of ribs, or 10 hamburgers
  • Nothing is better than cookies straight out of the oven? Wrong, nothing is better than having cookies on the trail straight out of the Trail Oven
  • Aluminum build on the Trail Oven keeps things nice, neat and rust free
  • In 10 minutes the oven is installed and you are ready for warm burritos
  • Quickly remove Trail Oven to clean if desired
  • Made in Michigan, USA
  • Keeps food off of the engine and safely uses the convection heat from the engine compartment
  • Installs in factory engine cover mount, no fabrication necessary