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Jeep JK Cargo Surround And Security Storage System 07-18 Wrangler JK Black Forest

Product Description: 

This, this isn’t just another storage system attempting to organize that thing you call a cargo area. This is the system that makes all other systems for your Jeep look like a small get-together. With your Black Forest storage system, you will be asked regularly if Jeepin is your full-time job, and when you answer no, they won’t hear you, because they’re too busy being jealous that you’re a full-time Jeeper.

Also, don’t be surprised when you’re on the trail and people ask for your opinion more, or start to look to you for wisdom. Questions like: Hey, do you think I could get up that? Do you think I could fit 40 inch tires under my rig? What should I get my daughter for her birthday? What is the meaning of life? These are all common questions you should expect after purchasing the Black Forest cargo system. After all, if you have the back of your Jeep that put together, then surely the rest of your life is too.

  • The Black Forest Cargo Surround, just as good at keeping people out as keeping stuff in
  • Your glove box and center console lock, now lock down your cargo area
  • Riding without your top doesn’t have to mean riding without your things
  • The only cargo surround on the market that can be paired with a Fridge Freezer
  • Installation uses factory bolt holes, no drilling required
  • Strong metal allows the Cargo Surround to be used for two-story storage
  • Made in Michigan, USA
  • Tested on Rubicon and Moab trails

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