How Are Customers Finding Your Parts - Search Term Tool

All the work you do, all the work we do, it's all for 1 end goal to sell parts on your website, right?  But to get the search engines and customers to actually see and understand that you have the part you need to understand how these customers are looking for them. 

The category tree on ASAP Network is designed to place part types in the correct ACES standards part type category................. BUT........BIG BUT........... that is not the end of the story.  You can really change how your website interacts with the search engines and customers by going just a step further, I have a video (yep, it's 47 minutes) of me droning on about how you can take the data we prep for you here on ASAP and with a little time and a little knowledge you can start to see some awesome changes to your traffic.

Use the category tree below to check the terms and how often that term is being searched a month by customers.  Pay attention to if there is an S or No S at the end of the term.  Here is the deal, you may not be able to ever rank for some of the large volume searches but what if you could be number 1 for a term that is searched for 500 times a month?   Isn't getting 500 up to bats better than getting zero?

To use this feature just search the terms and click on them.  You will see some terms have sub terms, these terms may not be listed on your data sheets because they are NOT ACES Standards but they ARE search terms.  Once you see a term you're really interested in getting traffic for just click view parts and you will be directed to the parts as well as being shown the brands on ASAP that include those parts in their product line up.  

Check this section often because I will be adding to the terms at least once a week.  Oh, and don't worry.  You may think this will give everyone the same information, and it will, rest assured that most will never act upon this information for a number of reasons so you can really start to target your traffic and increase your site ranking by understanding how your customers are finding the parts you have on your website.