Headlamp Protection Covers Green 7 Inch Dapper Lighting



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Give your sealed beams a unique look and protect them with our headlamp protection covers. They are designed to both protect your lights from the harsh road conditions and give them a unique style.

Covers are made in the USA, impact-resistant, 12 mils thick, and adhesive-backed. The outer skin is scratch and scuff resistant that protects the lamps from the harsh road conditions and UV discoloration as well.

The inner skin evenly bonds to glass or plastic lenses without leaving residue or imperfections. These units are must-have when you want to keep your lights safe and looking good.

Laying on the protection film takes about 5-10 minutes and requires an alcohol/water mix. These protection films come with a limited 5-year warranty against fading and tearing.

Quantity per set:

  • Green
  • 7 Inch (1 pair)
  • If you need the version with alignment pins or custom covers, please contact us.
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