G Screen Dual Battery Monitoring System For Toyota 4Runner, Tundra and Jeep JL Genesis Offroad

Seamlessly integrates with Genesis Offroad dual battery kits. Monitors voltage levels of both batteries. Add the digital air pressure sensor from the options above to monitor the PSI level in your on-board air system. Screw the sensor into an available 1/4 inch NPT port on your air tank or manifold.

Attach the waterproof cable to the sensor, and route the cable to the G Screen. Plug the other end into the interface module. The G Screen automatically detects the sensor and adds a new screen showing the PSI level in your tank, from 0-150 PSI. No air hoses to run, no wiring to figure out!

  • Monitors voltage levels of both batteries
  • Remote status indicator - batteries connected or disconnected
  • Remote boost button - jump start the engine from inside the cab if your cranking battery is dead
  • Press the Boost Off screen for 3 seconds to manually reconnect your batteries to use the aux battery to help start the engine
  • Background changes color to visually show your battery status at a glance
  • Green =both batteries are fully charged, and they are connected (Screen shows Boost On - this is the normal operating mode)
  • Yellow = the cranking battery is below 12.7v, and they are disconnected (Screen shows Boost Off)
  • Red = at least 1 battery is below 12v. The screen will blink red a few times per minute to get your attention
  • Backgound light turns off after about 45 seconds of inactivity
  • Preserves battery power
  • No glare while driving at night
  • Voltage and status is still visible, but without the backlighting
  • If a battery drops below 12v, the screen flashes red a few times per minute
  • Press the screen to turn the backlight on at any time
  • Adjustable contrast - hold down the software version screen to access the contrast adjustment menu
  • Measures approximately one cubic inch. Compact size makes it easy to mount anywhere.
  • Includes a 10 foot wiring harness for simple, clean installation
  • Software upgradable for future features