Ford Four Disc 2400 Stall Converter Red Cap For 4R100 and 5R110 Applications Diesel Performance Converters

Our Ford Four Disc 2400 Stall Converter is designed for 4R100 and 5R110 applications. Capable of 1000 and up HP, geared for competition use. This four comes standard with 13 inch HD billet lockup mechanism, Torrington bearings, and billet front cover.

  • 4R100 or 5R110
  • Red Cap
  • Competition Stall
  • 13 inch HD Billet Lockup Mechanism
  • 2400 Stall
  • Torrington Bearings
  • Custom stalls can be requested
  • Converters can be built without sprague
  • Transmission: 4R100 and 5R110
  • Sold As: Each