Ford 9 Inch Quadralink C7 Floater Housing 1967-70 Mustang Satin Black Powdercoat Detroit Speed

Product Description: 

Detroit Speed, Inc. offers Floater Axle Housings for Street, Autocross or Track cars. Floater axles offer improved handling with predictable and consistent braking and tire contact patch. Eliminates axle deflection and greatly reduces brake knock back and offers increased bearing life.

Knock back occurs when the axle end and brake rotor deflects causing the rotor to knock the pad back pushing the caliper pistons back in the caliper away from the rotor surface. The driver must then pump the pedal to re-establish a firm brake pedal.

  • Ford 9 Inch Quadralink Housing - C7 Floater - Satin Black
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy duty round back housing
  • TIG welded 3 inch tubes with .218 wall thickness
  • QuadraLink brackets are TIG welded
  • Axle vent
  • Fill and drain plugs included
  • Allows for use of ABS
  • Can use with or without a parking brake
  • Satin Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Accepts C7 rear brake packages from AP, Baer or Wilwood
  • Sold Individually
  • SKU: 074535


  • 1967-1970 Ford Mustang


  • Axle housing only
  • We have all the complementary products to complete your axle assembly
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