Enduro High Back Reclining Suspension Seat Black/Gray PRP Seats


The Enduro Reclining Suspension Seat is made to replace your stock Jeep or truck seats and supply additional comfort for taking that daily driver off-roading. With a flat cushion, the Enduro reclines completely and inclines enough to allow access to the rear seats.

The term suspension seat comes from the liner suspended between the steel frame. As the occupant moves up and down, the liner gives, preventing the body from constantly hitting against a hard surface such as those found in stock seats. This provides unparalleled comfort when riding, allowing for longer adventures and less soreness in the muscles and back.

  • Classic design to replace your stock truck or Jeep seat
  • PRPs original reclining suspension seat
  • Strong, locking reclining mechanism
  • Dimensions: 33 inches Tall x 22 inches Wide x 26 inches Front to Back
  • Mounting Area: 14 inches Wide x 18 inches Front to Back
  • Series: Daily Driver Series
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Sold As: Each
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