Drop Rack For 19-20 Ford Ranger SmartCap(TM)

Product Description: 

Smart Components let you organize your truck bed to fit your life. Drop a Camp Kitchen into one Gullwing door for pasta bolognese under El Cap and a Full-Bin in the other to keep your tools organized.

Whatever you're after, build your truck bed exactly how you want it. In the same way the SmartCap(TM) is changing what consumers want out of their truck caps, the Drop Rack has re-imagined how a rooftop rack should work.

From kayaks, to ladders, and everything in-between, the drop-down platform makes loading and unloading your cargo an absolute snap!


  • The Drop Rack has a durable twist latch that locks the rack into place until you are ready to raise or lower it.
  • Load Assist shocks control the speed of the Drop Rack as it descends--protecting your cap and cargo.
  • When in horizontal position, an evenly distributed load is rated to 770 lbs static and 330 lbs dynamic.
  • When articulating rack, limit load weight to 75lbs.
  • The outer frame gives you practically infinite tie-down points to secure your cargo.
  • Both the outer perimeter rails and cross slats contain T-slots for mounting universal accessories.
  • 3 year comprehesive warranty provided on all parts and workmanship.
  • Bed Application 5 Foot Short Bed