Dana 44 Coilover / Shock Mounts / Gussets Ballistic Fabrication

Product Description: 

Dana 44 Coilover. Coil Over or Shock mount / gussets for the Dana 44 knuckle made from 1/4 inch steel (4 pieces): The gussets distribute force exerted by the coil over?s more evenly over the surface of the knuckle and place your shocks / coil over?s on the most stable location of the axle.

These shock mount/gussets are great for tight setups where space on the axle is a premium commodity. Engineered using full width Dana 44 found under fullsize Jeep Wagoneers, IH Scouts, and some Ford and GM Trucks.

Due to variations between years and vehicle models, may require clearance and modification to fit. Drilled to 0.5 inch these include 2 mounts (4 pieces) to complete one axle.
What's Included

  • Four (4) Gussets to Complete TwoMounts