CO2 Tank Floor Bracket 2 Wedge 10-15 Lb Tanks Aluminum Power Tank

Product Description: 

CO2 Tank Floor Bracket 2 Wedge 10-15 Lb Tanks Aluminum from Power Tank. Fits 10 lb and 15 lb tanks. Super Bracket Not Included. If you use your Power Tank on-the-go at the job site or at the track one of the biggest worries is knocking your tank over.
If you use a Speed Bag you can buckle the top strap around a pole or stud but if you must move it from place to place often this can get old fast. There's an easy solution called the Floor Bracket. The Floor Bracket holds your Power Tank at just the right angle to allow vapor at the valve and yet holds the tank low enough that it will not tip over even if you pull on the hose.

There's even a lower hose port that lowers the point that the hose is pulled to further ensure that your tank doesn't tip over and possibly damage the tank or a nice floor. To move it, just pick it up and go. Set it down anywhere as it has four rubber feet to protect the floor surface. Another great application for the floor bracket is to mount a Power Tank in the bed of a truck, jeep, or service vehicle. All aluminum, light weight and also great for construction.
See BKT-2400.1 or BKT-2400.2 to bundle with Super Bracket

  • Super Bracket Not Included
  • 10-15 Lb
  • 2 Wedge
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