Chevrolet Impala 59-64 Radiator Module SBC BBC w/TOC Spal Dual 11 in Fans CR Racing

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Chevy Impala 1959-64 Radiator Module SBC/BBC Transmission Oil Cooler with Spal Dual 11 inch Fans. CR Racing Aftermarket Radiator Modules are Made in the US using the latest aluminum core designs and manufacturing techniques for optimum cooling.
They are built by the finest metal fabricators and welders in the industry. Features such as Spal fans, unique fan mounting, exclusive upper soft mounting system really set C&R Racing apart from our competition.
Pro Touring and Track cars will really benefit from our 10 plate Engine Oil Cooler and Internal Power Steering Oil Cooler. Both of which is used in our NASCAR radiators. Having these coolers mounted in the aftermarket radiator module not only makes for clean, simple packaging underneath the hood but will lower your oil temps better than any air to oil cooler, especially when using the GM LS engines.