Chevrolet Camaro Pontiac Firebird 1967-69 Extruded Tube 2 Pass Radiator LS 13 Plate Engine Oil Cooler Power Steering Cooler

CR Racing
Extruded Tube Aftermarket Radiator
Heating & Cooling

Camaro Firebird Radiator 67-69 2 Pass LS 13 plate aluminum PWR Engine Oil Cooler, Power Steering Cooler. C&R OE Fit Aftermarket Radiators are Made in the US using 42 MM extruded tube core with burst pressures of up to 100 PSI. They are built by the finest metal fabricators and welders in the industry and most are OE. GM applications that use the factory cradle mounts come with our exclusive Custom Soft Mounting System which holds the radiator in place yet allows for thermal expansion. It comes with the custom upper bracket and mounting hardware. No holes to drill as it bolts to the stock core support.