5x112 Wheel Spacer Pair Toyota Supra FactionFab



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Product Description: 

Wheel Spacers come with many benefits for those who want to gain more brake caliper clearance with aftermarket wheels. There are other benefits that also include a wider track profile, and making your wheels more flush with your fenders for a cleaner look.


  • 10mm in size
  • 5 x 112 bolt pattern
  • Sold as a pair


  • Model-specific Fitment
  • Hub centric
  • Chamfered lips to aid in install on both hub and wheel side
  • Lightweight high strength 6061-T6 alloy materials
  • Black anodized coating for a sleek look and corrosion resistance

Technical Specifications:

  • Spacer Material: Forged 6061-T6 aluminum, high-strength aerospace-grade aluminum with high yield strength to weight ratio - as a result, the spacers are able to take a high amount of abuse without compromise to structural integrity or fear of failure
  • Spacer Coating: Black Type II hard anodize surface finish to provide protection against oxidation, and to prevent galvanic corrosion (corrosion due to dissimilar metals) - laser-etched specifications as well as logo etching
  • Fitment: Hub-centric vehicle-specific design, making the spacers specific to each application
  • Torque Spec: Customers are to tighten lug bolts or nuts to OEM Specs.

Quick Specs

  • Bolt Pattern: 5x112
  • Color: Black
  • QTY: 2
  • Spacer Thickness: 10mm
  • Type of Mount: Hub Centric