5 Point Racing Harness 3 Inch Wide Latch and Link Wrap or Bolt Mounting Padded Shoulders Black HSP Seats

Product Description: 

Our 5 Point Racing harness is 3 inches wide with latch and link style. The shoulders of our Racing harness are padded for more comfort during your ride. Harness mounting is universal and can be wrap or bolt, you decide. The Polywebbing Material gives you the strength and dependability you're needing.

You'll love the EZ Adjust hardware and find you can get down to business quicker with the ease of use. This 5 Point Harness is Black.

The 5 Point Harness was designed for your safety, We all want to have a good time out in our rides, now you can feel safe and secure for any terrain you come across. the 5 point harness give more support than the 3 point factory belts.


  • 3 Inch Wide
  • 5 Point Harness
  • Latch and Link Style
  • Wrap or bolt Universal Mounting
  • EZ Adjust Hardware
  • Padded Shoulders
  • Polywebbing Material
  • Black
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