40 Inch Rooftop Tent Truck Bed Rack Adjustable Mild Steel Raw Tuff Stuff Overland

The Tuff Stuff 40 inch universal bed rack is ideal for use with any rooftop tent. Our bed rack is designed to universally install directly on top of any truck bed rail using a pinch plate or 4-8 bolts to secure to your bed rail.

Due to this rack being universal (not made for any specific vehicle) we have included custom pinch plates that will pinch the lip of your bed rails. This would allow the installation to be performed without drilling holes into the bed rails. Keep in mind, there may be modification necessary for certain bed rails if there has been a tonneau cover or any other accessory installed that affects the inner walls of the bed rails.

Our rack uses a unique sliding center rail system which allows the rack to be installed on various widths of beds from full-size Ford F350s to mid-size Toyota Tacoma's.

For Toyota Tacoma using the factory installed cargo rail system, our rack will perfectly align with your rail and would require the use of custom T-nuts that can accept 3/8 inch diameter bolts.
Ford Raptor beds have no lip to attach the rack, so you will have to use nut-inserts, self-drilling screws, or anchors to install the rack on the bed.
41 inch L X 14.5 inch H X 68 inch Max Width
Made in the USA

The rack arrives unfinished raw steel and must be painted or powder coated prior to use to avoid rusting. If powder coating, do not powder coat the sliding center bar or it will no longer slide into the frame as it should.